Fiery Warpath - Entry Requirements

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Although you need to be a Baron(ess) to travel to the Fiery Warpath, you can complete all the preliminaries beforehand.

  1. Preliminaries: First, you must prove yourself ready to be called up to the battle by completing two preliminary tasks. You may complete these tasks in either order:
    • Catch the Silth (arm HB/DDA with Magma/SBB and Wicked Gnarly)
    • Catch the Technic and Mystic Kings
  2. Collect a Sandtail Call to Arms
Catching The Silth

The big question that I get asked is whether to arm the HeatBath (HB) or Double Diamond Adventure (DDA). We do not have a large enough unbiased set of data (I'll talk about bias in data collection in another post) to give a definitive answer based on statistical analysis. Models such as the Furoma model, while useful, are always least reliable in answering questions at the extremes, especially when the differences in outcome are quite small.

That is the important piece of information to remember. Catching the Silth is difficult, and ultimately an exercise in persistence. Ignore your friends who tell you they caught it on their third hunt and just keep at it. Oh, right, HB or DDA? My pick is DDA, not necessarily because, for every fifty hunters who follow this advice, one of them will catch the Silth two hunts faster as a result (statistic chosen at random), but because you will get more loot from the other mice while you are hunting for the Silth. Goblins drop flawless orbs, Cyclops and hydras drop simple orbs and harpies drop divine orbs, not to mention various other goodies that get dropped. So use your DDA and collect the loot. Which base? Your Spellbook base. What? You don't have a Spellbook base yet? Are you nuts? If you venture into the Fiery Warpath without a Spellbook base you will be fried to a crisp. Off to Zugzwang's Tower with you....

Catching the Technic and Mystic Kings

You must be joking, right? That is a different walkthrough, folks!

Collecting the Sandtail Call to Arms

The Sandtail call to arms is dropped by specific mice in the seasonal garden. You must have caught your Silth and one each of both Kings in ZT before the mice with drop the Sandtail call to arms. Note that the setup advice is all first-order guesswork and is guaranteed to be at least somewhat wrong!

  • Spring familiar (high probability of drop, although not 100%)
  • Puddlemancer (low probability of drop)

Craft your Enraged Rhinobot and use that, as you'll want it anyway. Use it with Spellbook Base (SBB) (1st choice), Magma Base (2nd choice), Molten Shrapnel Base (MSB) (3rd choice).

  • Summer mage
  • Firebreather (decent probability of drop)

The Rewer's Riposte (RR)'s catch rate is pretty terrific and the Firebreather's drop rate is pretty good, so use your RR if you have one, as it has much higher luck and will thus increase the likelihood of the drop. Fallback option is Zugzwang's First Move (ZFM). Don't go into Fiery Warpath without ZFM. Use either trap with Magma (1st choice), MSB (2nd choice).

  • Fall familiar (high probability of drop, although not 100%)
  • Harvest harrier (low probability of drop)

Seriously? Haven't you learned any patience playing this game? Wait until Winter! Oh, all right... Use your Cackle Lantern Trap (CLT) if you have one, or Clockapult of Time (COT), if not. Otherwise, go collect Simple Orbs until Winter. You'll thank me. Meanwhile, go write your mother a nice thank you note. And call her. When was the last time you called your mother, anyway? Use CLT with Magma / MSB and COT with SBB.

Thanks, Karina, for the heads up on the fall mice. Nice to know when I got a guess right :)
  • Bruticle

Here it depends on your bait and whether you own a Magma base. If using Gouda, go ahead and use your Double Diamond Adventure (DDA) or Kraken Chaos (KC) if you have one, with either Magma or MSB. If using SB+, use HeatBath (HB) by preference, falling back to DDA and KC. With HB, stick with MSB. You might even consider using SBB.


Karina said...

The Fall mice have been confirmed and you did get them right! And Oh my gosh I forgot I had Cackle Lantern! Haha. I learned something from the guide ;)

h^2 said...

Thanks for the heads up, Karina :) Glad I could help. Given how much we spent on that darn thing, nice to get to use it from time to time. Although I must say it does look pretty cool...

Willie said...

Is there a reason to insist on spellbook base? Is magma base's high luck enough to compensate?

Northern Downpour said...

I am wondering the same thing Willie- the people on the MH forums have said that there is no point in making a SBB if you have the magma.

h^2 said...

Hmmm... With the Sentinel out now, I think you can get by with the Magma base. It won't do quite as well as the SBB in wave 3, but it is close enough that I would be tempted to go straight on to the Warpath.

Mind, you'll have a couple of unpleasant runs the first few times through, but then ZT is not particularly fun before you get your Sphynx. Once you have your Sphynx, of course, ZT is positively fun.

Then there's the Papyrus Base, which, once we see what the upgrade will be, complicates things. In all honesty, PPB is the other part of this particular equation for me. But we don't know when that upgrade will happen, seems likely to coincide with the Living Garden being released, so quite a while.