Chrome DrillBot

Chrome DrillBot  ( 3900 power )

The Physical Trap that we have been waiting for! A Limited Edition Must-Buy from Ronza. Sorry if you made the RhinoBot, but this one should perform better in luck at the Derr Dunes. I've paired it with the Dehy Base for a Neutral Cheese effect.

Affectionately known as the Chillbot. :)

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 20%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 26
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale

Total Power: 4,950
Power Bonus: 20%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Total Luck: 30

While drilling through clumpy top soil around Digby, the scientists there became tired of constantly cleaning the drills. Their solution? Coat the drills in slick chrome! Overcharged and super-powered, the Chrome DrillBot obliterates mice in style!
mhabbr : chillbot, chrome ddb, cddb


Matthias said...

omg sweet , i think it would be better with gingerbread base

You know me! said...

eh do u noe when it will be available until???

lightdotal said...

hey guys really need help here, when will ronza be leaving?!?! ><

Greg Cronin said...

I've got it paired with the Magma Base... stats are:
Trap Power: 5,376
Total Luck: 43 (With Lucky Shield)

MH Hunter Gone Awry said...

sighs, I am in trouble I think... I didn`t find this MH Guide until AFTER I made my brilliant mistake of not getting the key to Digby or the Sinister Portal or the Shredded Furoma Map from the Labratory. Instead, i went from the Gnarled Tree to the Lagoon, then the Festive Comet. I got the GB Trap and Base, purchased the Chrome Drillbot, and now find I have missed out entirely on the town of Digby etc. I got my butt kicked when I travelled to the Mousoleum... i still need to get gold to buy the Sinister Portal and collect Radioactive Blue Curd before I move on.... My weapon was less effective against the Ravenous Zombie, the Lycan Mouse, the Mummy Mouse and the Hydra Mouse. The Hydra Mouse was especially hard on me taking points at its ease from me... :-( I got out of there, went back to the Lab and set up with
NVMRC Forcefield Trap - Dehydration Base and Brie Cheese. I got the key to Digby finally and now have 35K gold. Slumps in chair. Any suggestions for me please would be greatly appreciated!

keep on forgetting! said...

Dun Give Up Juz Keep Going u will win in de end.I'm Far worst i cannot buy tis trap as i got shortage of $$.
Can Anyone add mi on facebook and borrow mi the amount to buy de Chrome Drillbot??
Name;Duan Mu Zhu Yong

Greg Cronin said...

Seriously, don't give up. That's a great trap you've got, it's just not fit for the Mousoleum. You'll be glad you have it later! For now, it sounds like you're on the right track, pick up the sinister or ambrosia portal and horde potions to make radioactive brie until they're coming out your ears. :)

Greg Cronin said...

Anyone caught a New Year's Mouse?

LughRules! said...

I love this trap! It traps mice at Derr about 70-80% of the time! (As long as the cheese attracts)

Johan said...

Im using it with Magma Base for maximum power and luck. It almost always attract so stale is not a large problem. I'm still losing more cheese to thieving muses than to stale.

Tristan said...

HI, contrary to public opinion, I highly recommend skipping Mousoleum altogether in favour of Great Gnarled Tree. However, you would still need to gather several Radioactive Blue potions for making Radioactive Sludge. I have a friend who started playing 2 months ago who did this, and he just made his ACRONYM trap and Legendary ranking!

niu said...

Who got rhinobot th most powerful physical trap

LughRules! said...

niu, the RhinoBot is the most powerful Physical Trap, but honestly, it really works very badly. I say this from experience with the trap, and should probably not believe it is good as it looks anymore.

Benadict Gan said...

When will ronza return?
cause i started mousehunt when ronza just left..

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