Ronza's New Year Stay

If there ever was a quiet arrival of Ronza, this is it.

Ronza sneaked in over to Gnawnia just before the turn of Christmas, bringing a few goodies for the late shopper. A few other devices will be made available towards the New Year.

A list of her wares, now all available:
  • Snowglobe Trap : 341,000 gold
  • 2010 Blastoff Trap : 512,800
  • Chrome Drillbot : 897,400
  • Candy Cane Base : 90,000
  • Firecracker Base : 90,000
There's no real indication when she would leave, so aim to get your goodies before Jan 2, 2010!

[update : And the New Year's Mouse was seen sneaking off with a whole bunch of freworks.. Hope ya still had some SB+ to catch him.]

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