The Great Winter Hunt 09 Walkthrough

It's always great being the first one to cast a snowball.

And the Mousehunt Devs have tossed a fabulously huge one with the Festive Comet.

Lots of new and exciting things to do and collect, even if it's only for a period of time. The Scrooge in you is bound to start smiling and get into the act of giving.

Well, ok, you can't get far without friends and in this festive period, but no one should hunt alone.

And there are enough engaging events to keep you coming back to this snowball..

When the Festive Comet landed

As the Comet Melts
  • New Trap Revealed 
  • New Base Revealed 

12 Days Til Christmas Event

  • An item dropped every day!

Still watching out for
  • Ronza's New Year Special (Oh Noes, did I spend all my gold on SB+ trading?)

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