Lagoon vs Furoma Areas

You're well on your way to being a GrandMaster. Or have just graduated and want to move on.

Lagoon next?
or the Furoma levels?

First a little history.
The Furoma levels (Training Grounds, Dojo, Meditation Room and Pinnacle Chamber) opened up in Nov 2008. It was an early attempt of a stepped/cyclic event by the MH devs and it was a wonderful success.

Hunters had to get stuff from Dojo, to get more stuff from the Meditation Room, to get the elusive Onyx Stone from the big guy at the Pinnacle Chamber. And you find yourself having to returning to the Training Grounds often to buy more stuff. And there wasn't much stuff to buy then.

Of course, the game had evolved and matured beautifully with the events at the Tribal Isles. But this is a different story.

Since the only good Tactical trap on sale then was the ZLM, it got pretty brutal at times. Until you crafted the Ambush Trap. Thankfully Ronza came around then to leave luckier Snow Barrages, but it's still weak for the well-trained Furoma mice.

There was a little shuffling of the menus after this period, and the Whisker Woods (and Lagoon) was introduced. This was going to be the lead-on for the introduction of the Huntington and thereafter the Tribal Isles.

Now, I feel, it's a good ground for building up your Hunter to the Grandmaster rank, as well as getting the Venus Mouse Trap. The Mutated VMT is a good upgrade, if you're new, and you can probably skip the ZLM with it.

The Lagoon's a good scenic route and with less heartbreaking missed catches. Don't worry too much about not catching the Hydra with the Ship blueprints at this stage when entering the Lagoon - there's so much more to see in the Mousehunt World.

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