Festive Gift Shoppe

A Shoppe with a lovely twist. You can buy anything you want.

But you can't buy it for yourself!

The only way is to buy gifts for your friends and hope that they will buy an equivalent gift back for you. This is where you see the swell community of Mousehunters at work. I love it!

The Festive Gift Shoppe is accessible from all areas in Mousehunt, not only at the Festive Comet. You're never too far away to help someone out in a pinch. The gifts that you receive now appear in its own tab in the Inventory menu.

Here's what you can get at the Shoppe:

Swiss Cheese
Basic Cheese

Brie Cheese
Basic Cheese

Starter Cheese for the Tribal Isles
Interesting that some cheese can be given as gifts. This is a temporary way to send gold without incurring the transfer tax.

Greeting Card
Happy Holiday Hunting!

Try not to be under this at the same time as a zombie mouse...

Posing Mouse Action Figure
This amazing toy features karate-chop action! The swift chopping action can shatter wooden bases! Play with at your own risk.

Christmas Coal
Even when you dress it up, this is still just a piece of coal, and a useless one too. You have some good friends.
No real uses for the above yet. But hey, you might as well get a couple of them.

Burroughs Lab Map Piece
Past the Mountain lies a looming place of technology where evil lurks in every corner... This Map Piece will open new hunting location that require a Hunter's Title of Master.
An excellent gift for those Master Ranks who are going crazy trying to trap the Ninja that drops this in the Mountains. 

Slightly Smaller Gift
These strange gifts are often handed out by people who claim that trying to open it has driven them to madness! But... It's just a small, neatly wrapped gift... how could such a pleasant looking item cause madness?
Be careful with this one - some excited elf had wrapped it over and over, sometimes as much as 8 times! After you persevere the multiple unwrappings, you'd find any one of these items available in the festive shoppe. Or a special edition Santa Bear (also unlimited hugs).

The latest in candy technology! These small sweets can not only be enjoyed as a snack but they also make perfect decorations for gingerbread creations!

Mmmm... crazy delicious!

Icing Sugar
Handy for gluing together gingerbread planks to make a variety of festive items!

Plank of Gingerbread
This plank of gingerbread is carefully baked with love by the King's Royal Chef. Its spicy aroma smells like... happiness.

These planks are more than a tasty treat! Use some icing sugar to glue the planks together and express your crafting creativity!
Smash the Plank to find 15 Gingerbread Cheese. These are the cheese bait for most of the Festive Mice. The above 3 items are required ingredients for the festive Trap and Base.

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Sodium-squared said...

hey there're new items at the Festive Gift Shoppe, if you wanna keep this post as a record of sorts..