Romeno Mouse - HotT Party

The Romeno (pronounced Ro-me-NO!) mouse is all er.. a glitter during this valentine's party bash.

Too easy to catch, he usually drops 2-3 pieces of Cheddar, Marble and Swiss Cheese per set. And once in a while, the DHU- too.
No points and only 300+ gold.
Eh! How you doin'? You caught the Romeno Mouse, the Romeo Mouse's number-one wing man! He may have a bit of a spare tire on the old midsection, but that's just more Romeno for the lady mice to love, uh? Uh? You can catch him out on the dance floor every night at the Rodent Cabana, pulling all the latest disco moves like it's 1976. To all the lady mice that don't like his style, he says: C'maaaaaan. . . lemme be *your* hero sandwich, baby!

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