Meeces to Pieces

Eagerly awaiting MH 3.0! You can read about the sneak peeks here.

The re-organization of the mice will be a good welcome. I can see why newer hunters would be totally lost with the mice at the Bristle Woods Locations.

Sure, you'd need at least a Shadow Trap to catch the Shadow Mice. But an Arcane Trap works better.

You'd also need the Arcane Trap (Acronym) to catch the Forgotten Mice (and of course, the shadow mice). But THAT Arcane Trap would be generally too weak for the Acolyte Mouse (Arcane), so you'd need the Ancient Box Trap (which is a Forgotten type Trap).

Of course everyone knows that you probably can't use the Acronym (Arcane) nor the Ancient Box Trap (Forgotten) on the Dragon Mouse because it's a Arcane type.. er..

So you'd need to build a Draconic Type Ice-Maiden Trap that seems to attract more of the Whelpings and the Wardens (which are Physical types) than the Dragons..

Yes, it'll be good if they discover the true heritage of those pesky mice..

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Andi Yuliarto said...

I hope MH 3.0 can be played on Operamini since i always play on it