Base Comparison for Tactical Traps

The Horrific Venus Mouse Trap wins the Tactical Power charts hands down, with which, you'd whip the Nerg Plains. So you'd want to upgrade your Thorned Venus Mouse Trap as soon as possible. If you're a seasoned hunter and already have the Ambush, then give the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap a miss.

Not much difference between the Giant Speaker and the Blastoff. But if you did manage to grab these limited editions from Ronza at end 2009, you might be able to forgo the Ambush due to the luck factor.

If you're only just starting out - you'd probably want to get the normal Venus Mouse Trap before the ZLM. The Mutated VMT might be more reachable too.

Nothing beats the Snow Barrage for luck. And with it primed up on the Explosive base, it's power is on par with a few trap combinations of the VMT.


Northern Downpour said...

Nice graphical representation, Jester. Also, it would be awesome to see more graphs for luck vs power.


Jester Nim said...

would love to see that too, but I don't have any data about how effective luck is compared to power. I could assign weight points to luck bonuses but it still won't be a good enough indicator, i feel.. any thoughts?

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

the Horrific Venus Trap is best if your needing more power on your catches but the 2010 Blastoff is better if you want better loot drops.