Heart Of The Tiger Party!

Somehow you knew that the crater left behind by the Festive Comet was going to be the new happening place. The Heart of the Tiger Party is ON!

Hunters planning to sneak there for a romantic night gazing at the moon's reflection are now met with hordes of horning (if not horny) others gathering there for the Second Greatest Party of the Year!

Yup, the Lunar New Year is a great reason to have another great one. And no, that shooting star you see is probably a leftover from the regular New Year's fireworks.

But everyone's here to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and to enjoy a Valentine's evening together with everyone else. Definitely going to be a HotT Party place.

Hands to yourself, behave, and take a look at what's lined up so far.

  • Four new prize mice
  • Two returning mice
  • A few dressed up mice for the occasion
  • Gift Shoppe's open
  • Seems to be a mask collection thingy going on (paper Dragon | Ox | Tiger)


Igor said...

Master of the Cheese Claw mouse only attrated with sushee at the party, or could any other cheese be used?

Igor said...

yepp, my fault. The Wiki told me the answer. :)