Base Comparison for Physical Traps

A comparison table of bases for those of us who prefer graphical images.

I've drawn up a chart showing the effects of the power bonus with some traps. It's only showing the stronger physical traps but the message is clear - Tribal Rocks!

That is, if you need power to catch that pesky mouse, you'd be better off with a Tribal Base than a Magma. Of course, you'd also want to balance it off with other factors like luck and attraction.

For weaker traps, the power line flattens out. You would have to play more to the other qualities.

Do you want to see a comparison chart of the other Trap Power Types?


Smitha said...

Do you want to see a comparison chart of the other Trap Power Types?


guozhong said...

can u do the mice tat is in Tribal Isles? pls coz im going there and i want to noe more about there. Thx!

Jester Nim said...

@guozhong, hmm had created them before but they were not properly tagged, i see. But now, i've made the mice accessible via (the top menu of this guide)

Northern Downpour said...

Very nice. Now, what is your opinion on CDB and RB? You had extrapolated that the CDB would be a proper replacement for the RB, but I am still having some trouble with the harder mice in DD; been thinking about splurging for the RB since I have had the horn for a while, but part of me wants to save for the CoT. Opinions?


Jester Nim said...

@alisha - if u've got the chillbot, skip the rhino for now. Especially if you're saving up for the Clock (race ya!)