Crafting Item - Time Out Upgrade

ITEM: Time Out Upgrade
LOCATION: Dropped by the Dojo Sensei Mouse during the Birthday II Month Event. It's not yet known how the Nanny Bot can be upgraded at this time.

This gold-plated clock, when hung around the Nannybot's neck, interacts with the nuclear no-nonsense engine, amplifying the Nannybot's power to thwart shenanigans threefold. The clock also boosts the Nannybot's Time Out engine to a much higher grade of performance, allowing it to make sure that mice stay frozen. With the Time Out clock on your side, the Nannybot will achieve peak performance, punishing naughtiness left and right!

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Wenwen said...

"Digby has also sent their finest hunters to Furoma to collect a stock of parts which they plan to sell at the Harbour General store later this month (when they have collected enough to stock the shelves). These parts don't come cheap, so if you're up for a challenge and want to save a few gold coins, try testing your hunting vigor and catch a Dojo Sensei to obtain a Timeout Upgrade for free!"