Dojo Sensei Mouse

Dojo Sensei Mouse

I suppose all old grandfathers sleep through bombing raids, the shoutings of students and masters training and fighting, the snaps of tactical traps going off, but wake up to the cries of their Terrible Twos offspring.. :)

Introduced during the MH Birthday II, these are the Masters of the Masters. And are partial to OMG Cheese. The Catch Contest during the birthday month reveals the catch statistics of 1 Sensei Mouse to 6-9 OMG Cheeses.

Rarely seen, these old and wise mice instruct the Dojo Masters from the shadows, not wanting their presence to be known to MouseHunters. Hunting these mice is not for the faint of heart -- Their swift attacks can leave the courage of even the most steadfast hunter extremely crippled. Brave hunters who take on the challenge of catching a Dojo Sensei and succeed are held in the highest regard as a hunter that has conquered the forces of the Furoma region.

The Sensei mouse drops the following loot:
1 Time Out Upgrade (I believe this is a Limited Edition)
1 Onyx Mallet Blueprints (MH Devs say this is a permanent addition)


~yeoj~ said...

I got mine with my second OMG my Horrific Venus mouse trap and aqua base! woohoo! lots of loots!

lilchicken said...

1 in 3 chance in getting this mouse while using Rewers Riposte trap, Gingerbread Base, Ultimate Luck Charm, and OMG cheese