Nannybot Trap

Nanny Bot Trap
A ditty little mech trap specifically designed to catch those darn Terrible Twos Mice. It's also the first of the Parental type traps.

The only way to craft this is to grab loot from certain mice at Gnawnia, then click on the event link:
The devs have done the crafting this way since the trap is a Limited Edition.

You'd need to collect the Pincher, Nanny bolts and Timeout Hour Glass (see image below).

Nannybot  ( 525 power )
Power Type: Parental
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Straighten up and mind your manners: the Nannybot is on duty! She has camera 'eyes' in the back of her head, four extra claw arms that allow her to be absolutely everywhere at once, and the Time Out Engine, a device that will catch and hold mice frozen in time until the hunter is ready to deal with them. Some mice 'borrowed' this model from Digby scientists as a prototype, so it lacks all the features of a factory model. Maybe with a few supplies, you could fix it up. . .

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