Unstable Curd Recipe


Be careful with this one, folks - this is NOT the recipe for OMG - one missed click and you'd be down of one Onyx. Of course, if your thing is gambling (sorry, I meant recreational mathematics), then go ahead and make a whole bunch of Unstable Curd to poke. Read in the forum somewhere that the average yield is 1 Onyx to 2.7 OMGs. You'd still be gaining on all the rest of cheeses you see listed below.

This recipe makes ~ 1 piece ~
1 x Onyx Stone
1 x Ionized Salt
1 x Curds and Whey
The combination of Ionized Salt, Onyx and Curds and Whey has made this extremely volatile lump of supersaturated curd. The slightest poke will cause the curd to stabilize into a random form of cheese.
You poke your Unstable Curd...
...and receive xxx xxx Cheese!

Poked cheese returns, so far:
Ancient 10, 12 pieces
Brie 30
Combat 7
Glutter 7
Gouda 20
Moon 10
Onyx Gorgonzola (OMG) 8, 10, 12 pieces
Radioactive Blue 20
Rumble 5
Runic 5
Susheese 7
Swiss 60


Anonymous said...

I had one onyx stone. I made unstable curd instead of the much needed OMG... and OMG I recieved 8 OMG when I poked the UC :-D yay.

amelia said...

I had 20 gnarled cheese. =.=

Dhruv Baid said...

LOL, I got 12 OMG Cheese!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD