Mousehunt Birthday II - The Walkthrough

Happy Mousehunt Birthday II !

Wow, some hunters are really adept! Read on for the Terrible Twos Birthday Walkthrough, showing what you need to do and how to build the Nannybot.

Posted by Trevor Hastings on the Mousehunt forums.
Town of Gnawnia:

Cheese: Brie or SuperBrie. Gingerbread, Rockforth, and Gouda will all basically act as Brie. Rockstar mice here are attracted to both Brie & SuperBrie.

--Bionic Mouse--
--Birthday Mouse-- Loot: 1 Nanny Bolts
--Brown Mouse--
--Burglar Mouse--
--Dwarf Mouse--
--Gold Mouse--
--Granite Mouse--
--Grey Mouse--
--Rockstar Mouse-- Loot: 1 Intimidating Pincher
--Pirate Mouse--
--Present Mouse-- Loot: 1 Timeout Hour Glass
--Steel Mouse--
--White Mouse--
--Zombie Mouse--


1 Nanny Bolts + 1 Intimidating Pincher + 1 Timeout Hour Glass = 1 Nannybot
via the hotlink at the top of the page, which is put here:

Thumbnail image of this in your inventory:

Full image of the NannyBot:


Trap Type: Parental
Trap Power: 525
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: No Effect


Terrible Two's Mouse , Power Type: Parental
**As of this post there have been 5 Catches**


Estimated Power Effectiveness Chart for the Parental Type:

•Non Parental traps are 0% effectiveness against Parental Mice
•Parental traps are 200% effective against Parental Mice
•Parental traps are 100% effective against Physical Mice
•Parental traps are 100% effective against Tactical Mice
•Parental traps are ?% effective against Shadow, Hydro, Tribal versions, Forgotten, and both Arcane Types

Terrible Two's Mouse lies in between Mutated Grey (~325 Power) and Christmas Tree Mouse (~590 Power). Assuming the mouse has 450 power, and the 200% modifier is correct, then the NannyBot has (525*1.05)*2 = 1102.5 power, so luck aside the catch rate is

~ (1103/(1103+450) ~ 71%. That's not including the additional power from a base, or factoring in luck from the trap, base, or shield. What you should take from this is that's the lowest catch rate you should see with the NannyBot.

For a comparison, if you were to use the Magma Base, we have (525+300)(1.13)*2 = 1864.5 power, and using the same equation that gives us an ~81% catch rate, once again, not factoring in luck.

Thumbnail of Terrible Two's Mouse: None available, but no need - just look at the banner at the top of the page. Looks exactly like that, a box around the head, cutting off the ears.

Full Picture of Terrible Two's Mouse:

Things needed:

--Continuing track of the Terrible Two's Mouse as it moves to new locations, if it does so.
--NannyBot Effectiveness against Non-Parental, Non-Physical mice.
--Word on the Harpy and Samurai Mouse, since they are dressed up (In Gnawnia?)
--General Data Submissions for NannyBot users.

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