Terrible Twos Mouse

Terrible Twos Mouse

Cute li'l terror, isn't he?

Use the Nannybot Trap to catch. Choose your luckiest base. Brie. SB+ if you're feeling rich.

Currently found in the Meadows, but expected to run and hide in the Training Grounds. Who can blame it, with so many hunters camping around the place looking out for it.

Now drops the Chocolate Birthday Cake Base.

If children are the future, then this little mouse is about to bring about the apocalypse. At the tender age of two, it's carving out a name for itself in the history books (not to mention chewing the pages more than a little) by eating, burning, scratching and destroying everything it can get its little paws on. How did something this small manage to single-handedly collapse a city block? No one is really sure, but let's hope it's just a phase.


Evan Cutler said...

Kinda reminds me of STITCH! :)

mikhaelkueh said...

where is the terrible twos now? need help..