Crafting Item - Curds and Whey

ITEM: Curds and Whey (C&W) DESCRIPTION: Curds and whey are a common ingredient in a variety of cheese flavours. Elaborate flavours often require a greater quantity than more basic flavours. LOCATION - COST (Buy/Refund in Gold) :
  • Harbour (Gnawnia) - (8/1)
  • Training Grounds - (10/1)
  • Bazaar General Store - (10/1)
  • Catacombs - (3/1) [Best Buy!]
  • Cape Clawed - (10/1)


Chung said...

3pp at Catacombs General Store

Flik said...

Erm how come when i arrive at catacombs it shows 12 gold per C&W?

zoe said...

this needs an update.C&W at cats are sold at 12 gold a piece.

Chin Yong Chen said...

What about the General Store of the Town of Digby ?

Chin Yong Chen said...
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