Fiery Warpath - New Weapons

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Trap Loot

Each time you defeat the Warmonger, among other goodies, you are awarded a warpath victory. It turns out that the warpath victories are not consumable items (credit: James Cha), which is great news! Thus, you could craft both the Sphynx Wrath and the Oasis Water Node after your first pass through the Fiery Warpath even if the Warmonger did not drop any of the trap loot if you were rich enough to buy the necessary loot in the Marketplace. Very interesting, yes?

The pattern in which the Warmonger drops the trap loot continues to evolve. So far the pattern seems to be that he drops one of:

on the first catch. It is far more difficult to get him to drop one of the above on the second drop (try ultimate luck charms), although it is possible.

Enraged Rhinobot: (NOT smashable)
Digby scientists were hard at work trying to improve upon the already amazing RhinoBot when a fluke of chance led to the creation of the Enraged RhinoBot! The pure platinum cogs make it practically indestructible and a machine of pure raging power! It is hard to say whether the scientists think their masterpiece a success or a failure because since the Enraged Rhinobot has emerged from their labs, no one has been able to discover their whereabouts.
The Ragebot is not loot from the Fiery Warpath so much as a trap needed to hunt there. It is also a wonder in Derr Dunes for those hunters not possessing a Chrome Drillbot.
  • Power: 5900 physical
  • Power bonus: 10%
  • Attraction bonus: none
  • Luck: 20
  • Cheese effect: Insanely Stale
  • 3 Rhino horns
  • 6 Platinum bars
  • 1 Rhinobot parts
  • 48 Stale SB+ (Runic, when staled, becomes stale sb+)
Working with some clever trapsmiths and the oasis bead you were able to create a tunnel of water and give it a mind of it's own. While on standby the trap simply looks like a still pool of fresh water in a beautiful desert oasis, however any mouse it encounters will be snatched up and rocketed through the water tunnel to whatever destination you've set, be that Davy Jones Locker or another continent. If this were big enough for a human and much safer, one might consider using it for a more cost effective travel method...
  • Power: 5200 hydro
  • Power bonus: 12%
  • Attraction bonus: 10%
  • Luck: 20
  • Cheese effect: No effect
Oasis Water Node Blueprints (1 warpath victory, 800,000g)
This trap design may appear as a beautiful desert oasis, but below the sand is a masterfully crafted tunnel full of water brought to life by a thousand Living Shards. A splash of coconut milk has been superheated using Flameshards to produce a unique cheese-bearing palm tree that provides a healthy attraction bonus.

Having read this guide, you have been hoarding your flameshards and spending your nights in Digby collecting living shards, so you'll be set to craft your Oasis Water Node, using the recipe discovered by Paul Chambers:

  • 1 Coconut Milk
  • 1000 Living Shards
  • 150 Flameshards
  • 1 Oasis Bead
  • 1 set of Oasis Water Node Blueprints
The intention of this trap was to pay homage to a mythical creature known only for it's unparalleled mouse hunting prowess. Outfitted with a slew of clever traps it came as quite the surprise when the trapsmith who designed this tool of destruction found it utterly destroyed by it's [sic] own means, the statue untouched. It is believed the simple traps were insult enough to the spirit of this creature that they simply destroyed themselves in it's [sic] presence.
  • Power: 6100 tactical
  • Power bonus: 10%
  • Attraction bonus: 10%
  • Luck: 25
  • Cheese effect: very fresh
Sphynx Wrath Blueprints (1 warpath victory, 900,000 G)
These blueprints outline how to encase a rare Sphynx Crystal in gold leaf to unleash a fearsome feline mouse adversary. Upon a mouse approaching the mighty sphynx, the power of Flameshards summon her to sentience, unleashing an unrivaled tactical mouse adversary.

Sphynx Wrath is invaluable against the Sandwing Cavalry in Wave 3. Use the recipe discovered by Sharon Nakauchi.

  • 28 Gold Leaf (thanks, Alan!)
  • 200 Flameshards
  • 1 Sphynx Crystal
  • 1 set of Sphynx Wrath Blueprints
Encased in metal that has stood the test of extreme weathering and time, the Sandstorm MonstroBot is outfitted with the most advanced technologies. Should a mouse be lucky enough to escape its heat sensor tracking and turbo lasers, they are still left to face its sheer size and hardened fists. One MonstroBot alone could take out three Digby DrillBots at once...easily. Thankfully, its tastes are of the more furry rodent variety!
  • Power: 8000 physical
  • Power Bonus: 20%
  • Attraction Bonus: 5%
  • Luck: 27
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect
Sandstorm MonstroBot Blueprints (3 warpath victories, 999,000 G)
In the midst of the Santail [sic] Desert battle, the most experienced of the local trapsmiths have drafted plans for a massive physical trap of unmatched power. The Sandstorm MonstroBot harnesses the power of Flameshards to fuse heavy pieces of rare Sandblasted Metal to RhinoBot Parts.

Recipe (credit James Cha)

  • 1 set of Digby DrillBot Parts
  • 1 set of RhinoBot Parts
  • 2 pieces of Sandblasted Metal
  • 400 Flameshards
  • 1 set of Sandstorm MonstroBot blueprints


Alan said...

the formula for Sphynx Wrath as seen somewhere for gold leaf is 28 instead of 20. :P

tHias said...

I suspect it's only gonna be 2 RhinoBot parts for the MonstroBot since the Horns are capped at 5 and we need(ed) 3 to craft the Enraged version. … btw: OMfG @ 500+ Flameshards !!

S. said...

you can buy both oasis and sphynx blueprints with only 1 victory under your belt.

wangjt0114 said...

i think the sandstorm monstrobot still needs the deathbot parts.

wangjt0114 said...

i think the sandstorm monstrobot still needs the deathbot parts to craft.

wangjt0114 said...

i think the monstrobot still needs the deathbot parts to craft.

Philip said...

The recipe for the monstrobot (as found on the mousehunt wiki) is:

1 x Sandstorm MonstroBot Blueprints at 999,000 gold
400 x Flameshard
2 x Sandblasted Metal
1 x RhinoBot Parts at 1,344,340 gold
1 x Digby DrillBot Parts at 404,340 gold
1 x DeathBot Parts at 256,400 gold