Compare Ambrosial Portal vs Sinister Portal

You've finally battled your way to the Town of Digby, and are now faced with the pricey question:
Do I buy the Ambrosial Portal or the Sinister Portal
How do they compare?
At about 140k each, it looks like a tough one to decide. But not really.
Personally, I prefer the Sinister. 
You will have no shortage of mice coming at you in the coming areas, so the Attraction Bonus of the Ambrosial is not really necessary. The Shadow Mice are tough little critters, so the Sinister's Power Bonus helps put them down.
The Stale effect of the Sinister Portal Trap is also no longer a bother. In this later version of Mousehunt, you no longer toss Stale Cheese away. Instead, they become crafting items for other cheese (Ancient).
Well ok, the Ambrosial Portal IS prettier and more mouse-safe.. but come on... 


Gabe said...

Overriding both choices would be the Partybot, which has much better chances for them, and extremely beefing up your chances for bats and zombies.

aryya said...

can u tell me which is better deathbot or a nvmrc