Glitchpaw Mouse

The Glitchpaw Mouse (thanks, April Hughes!) Kind of a mixed bag with this mouse. You won't see this unless there is something broken in the MouseHunt game that needs fixing. But it is a nice touch by the developers to distract the hunters. Could appear anywhere, when on the loose..


joaquín said...

13:00 a las 15 de mayo de 2009
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 5 oz. Glitchpaw mouse from the Meadow worth 1,196 points and 1,205 gold.

joaquín said...

swiss army/explosive/swiss

Maxwell Fu Shing Chan said...

caught 1 when i was an apprentice and 1 last week when i was a journyman. (sb+ is getting REALLY expensive can't afford any now)