New Sections

Hey Readers, thanks for following this blog. I've now arranged a couple of new posts so that your Journey into the Mousehunt World will be as easy as ABC.
  • Areas - about Locations
  • Beasts - about the Mice
  • Cookbook - Crafting matters, of course
  • Devices - Traps, Cheese and stuff
  • Elements - Other interesting parts and ingredients of the game
  • Fans - Stuff created and maintained by avid hunters
  • Gameplay - walkthroughs, tips and more
I believe it's a good way for the new and inexperienced to find stuff. Seasoned hunters should also find a good crumb or three. It's also a good way for me to keep tabs of what I'm missing. But it's still a work-in-progress, so please be patient with me. Do tell me what you think! Enjoy!


Daisy said...

This really helps narrow down my search. Great thinking!

J said...

I love the new layout! :D It makes navigating the blog a lot easier and less time-consuming.
Thanks for taking the time to do it!

Sodium-squared said...

hahah. I like the A-G method of dividing it.. like the ABCs of mousehunt.. great job!