MHGuide Mailing List

Hey Readers,
I'm starting the Mousehunt Guide mailing list so that we can get a little closer. The intent of this list is to make two-way communication a little better. 
Yes, we are all used to being on mailing lists and get pumped with stuff all the time. I don't like it happening to me either. So my promise is that I won't send out stuff more than once a week. And seeing how busy I sometimes get outside of Gnawnia, it'll probably really be a mail in 2 or 3 weeks.
The two-way I want to enjoy is that sometimes, I just can't get to all the new places, buy all the new traps, catch all the new mice, in the shortest sensible time to maintain the excitement in this blog. The current case in point is that I'm still stuck out waiting for the Gnarled Tree Map!
So I need your collective help ! Through this channel, you can also help the rest of the readers by submitting your encounters and screen shots directly to me. I'll post it and give due credits.
I'm making it equally easy to subscribe and unsubscribe from the MouseHuntGuide Mailing list. I'm using for the mailing list service - looks reputable, has strong General Terms of Service (see Section 13). It's also free - so it may take some time to register a subscription/unsubscription, subject to their available server load.
Please do join the list. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm it says that the mailing list has reached its maximum amount of subscribers and bravehost can't let me on it. That's too bad, i'd really like to be on it.

Bravehost says "please consider upgrading your service" or something along those lines.

Jester Nim said...

Wow.. this is something that i've gotta look into..