Nomad Mouse

Nomad Mouse (Thanks Heather Weber!) The Mouse To Catch at the Gnarled Tree. Finally got mine!
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 7 oz. Nomad mouse from the Lagoon worth 3,394 points and 5,007 gold.
I think this area's gone stupid. I'm using Partybot/Dehy/Brie.. This combi seems to catch all the mice in the new area..


Al D said...

I know the Nomad (and many others) are tactical mice. I had no luck with the venus mousetrap, or even the ambush trap. I switched to the Partybot and Dehydration base and caught all the mice at the Gnarled tree and in whisker woods! If you have a Party Bot, I would suggest switching to it.

Brittany said...

wow. i dont have a party bot. i have come close with my FF and the VMT...but no cigar. jeez. this is kinda annoying.

i guess patience is a virtue...that i have to master. :)

Jester Nim said...

For whatever traps i've been using, I'm still waiting for my first Foxy and Nomad.. Lost count of how many days i've been in CC and GGT in total.. And now there's the Lagoon!!

Daisy said...

Hey does anyone know if that new trap in the Gnarled Tree is any good? That venus flytrap-looking one? I really want to catch that fairy mouse for a Lagoon map, but I don't want to accidentally blow all my money.

n03s said...

Juz caught 1 using

I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 5 oz. Nomad mouse from the Great Gnarled Tree worth 3,396 points and 5,005 gold.


Brittany said...

i finally caught one. woot.

Laura said...


Nature's-Worst-Afrodisiac said...

hey what trap could I use in place of a partybot?

Jester Nim said...

@NWA - any other Tactical Trap (e.g. ambush, ZLM) will be fine.. I'm not too keen about the Venus one though..

gabe said...

Yeah, i got my ninth yesterday, right after I caught my hydra :) They're kind of worthless after a while, cuz they appear too often. You'll get one :)

khabarbagus said...


2nd day at the Lagoon.

still waiting for Nomad, Harpy, and Troll


khabarbagus said...

plus a lady luck :)
This combo really work for me.. here's my first 12 hours tally:

Dojo: 2 Monk, 3 Ninja, 2 Kung Fu, 1 Gold, 1 Student of the Cheese Belt, 1 Archer
Meditation Room: 1 Master of the Cheese Claw
Training Grounds: 1 Dwarf, 2 Monk, 1 Diamond
Lagoon: 2 Treant, 2 Hydra, 3 Centaur, 2 Fairy, 1 Tiger, 2 Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods, 1 Moosker, 2 Water Nymph, 3 Nomad, 1 Elven Princess

Waiting for Nomad so mad, now i've caught 4 :)
(got another one an hour later)

switch back to DDB, hoping to catch some troll (got 2 bites without catch with Ambush)
not hoping for some Harpy, till i finished cfating ACRONYM.

wish me luck pals...

ghg said...

MVMT/Wooden Base with Target/cheddar

nut i was lucky!^^