Elven Princess Mouse

Don't know how Elven Princess Mice mixes into the Mouse Hunt world yet, but I guess we'll see it unfold. Rare but not too difficult to catch. Good bounty.
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 1 oz. Elven Princess mouse from the Calm Clearing worth 2,700 points and 401 gold.

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wanderer said...

Description of the Elven Princess Mouse
"Mice that hail from the Kingdom of Buchelt are well-known for their extensive knowledge of forest regions, and these Princess mice are no exception! MouseHunter lore has speculated that the rulers of this strange kingdom appoint many princesses, where others believe these mice are merely off their rockers."

I am hoping that this description is foreshadowing to a map piece to the Kingdom of Buchelt.