Trap Recipe - Dehydration Base

This recipe makes 1 x Dehydration Base
1 x Dehydration blueprints
213 x Salt
4 x Splintered Wood
225 power
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Insanely Fresh
A base made out of salt! Besides causing mild irritation to mouse paws, the salt also seems quite excellent at keeping bait fresh.

Journeyman beware! There is a high chance that you could FAIL crafting this base. That means you could lose all your ingredients. Master ranks have (so far) a perfect record in crafting the Dehy Base, so you might want to wait.

mhabbr : dehy


Epix said...

TNKs :-D

jalaj said...

is dehydration base better than explosive base

Jester Nim said...

Depends. It's a good one for newer hunters that own weaker traps. When you're at the Furoma with the ZLM / Ambush, you might want to stick with the Exp for the power bonus. And it's easier now, since you no longer 'lose' cheese as much - they just become stale.

dear benji said...

I just craft one ... it looks good. Hopefully it will work well too..
Thank you for the receipe..


Anonymous said...

will it work for journeyman?

Rita Martinez said...

thank you!!

Irwin said...

You can craft dehydration base when you are a journeyman but there is a risk of losing all the items if the crafting fails. I suggest you don't do it, only if you are very rich and can try the crafting many times. Hope this was useful.

mattonator said...

I crafted it when I was a journeyman and it worked. But I was just lucky. THANK GOD!!!

Desiré said...

I crafted a Dehydration base, and I just went to Musoleum... Is it usefull here? Or should I stick with my explosive base? And if so, when does it become usefull?

uma said...

its not workin 4 me
i have 213 salt
1 blueprint
and 12 splintered woods

i think that i have a lot of splinter woods pls answer...

Adrian said...

ok Uma...make sure that in that tiny box, that you enter the amount that you want. This also happened to me ;D, until i realized my mistake.

Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

to craft it you need to put the ingredients in the right order
also the quantity
the order is like this

Dehydration Base Blueprints 1x
Salt 213x
Splintered Wood 4x

Anonymous said...

To craft the dehydration base, you need to put the ingredients in the correct order for it to work. This is the order:

Item (your stock) Quantity
Dehyd Base Blueprints 1
Salt 213
Splintered Wood 4

khngbryan said...

i tried to craft but cannot can help ...go to youtube and search mouse hunt help

Southern_Cowboy said...

Will the Dehydration Base keep cheese from going stale? Bc right now i have:

Mouse Rocketine - Explosive Base

* Total Power: 1,055
* Power Bonus: 11%
* Attraction Bonus: 5%
* Total Luck: n/a
* Current Bait: 36 pieces of White Cheddar
* Cheese Effect: Extremely Stale

& I guess the "Extremely Stale" effect is what makes it keep going stale. I just had my cheese go stale almost 13 times in a row (besides one bear mouse who abducted a few points). So would this machine be a good alternative to use with the Mouse Rocketine? & How come sometimes like when i 1st put my cheese in the trap, after i log in, or finally arm some more, I sound my horn and it says it seems my cheese is stale? Does that have something to do with the extremely stale effect also? Bc I just thought the cheese effect would only tamper with mouse attractions, but I'm not sure if it makes u have alotta stale cheese like that or not, Plz Help!!!!!

WooHian :) said...

@Southern Cowboy
Use NVMRC forcfield or at least a trebutchet. Much better.
Use chocolate cake base it's like dehydration and explosive combined. It's quite easy to hunt for Chocolate Cake Base too (:

QQaQuail said...

Hi im an apprentice with the rocketine-explosive combo and ive bought the blueprints and 213 salt required to build the dehydration base to minimise cheese loss. just wondering how to get the splintered wood. Any answeres plz?

optic said...

you have to be at least apprentice first and then go to calm clearing supposing you have the map piece from granite mouse at harbour.If you do then try to hunt for treant mouse at calm clearing.It might drop splintered wood.

optic said...

and i have a question myself is explo base better or should i craft dehydration base?
PS:I am journey man witha trap setup of:swiss army mouse trap
:explo base

pls help :)

yi jie said...

i though u said there was a high risk.... it work the first time i do it and i am a journey man

How said...

I crafted it successfully the first time I crafted it as a journeyman, but thanks for the warning.

Emo rules said...

err guys where to buy the Splintered Wood?

bethaneee webster said...

lol i got 135 splinted wood hahahaaa i dunno wat 2 do with it!