Crafting 101

The MouseHunt Crafting Guide was created to make the whole ‘crafting’ experience a lot more fun and a little less daunting. Thanks, Tess Ofner, for your untiring efforts.. WHAT IS CRAFTING? Under your ‘inventory’ there is now a new tab called ‘crafting’. You will need to purchase and collect various ingredients and items in order to create (otherwise known as ‘crafting’) various cheeses and other items which you will need as you progress in the game. If you click on your crafting tab, you will see a form to the left. This form allows you to experiment with combining different items of varying quantity. If you try a combination that does not create an item you will keep your ingredients unless you have used the red slot. Using the red slot may (but does not always), result in failing to craft an item and losing all of the ingredients you attempted to combine. As you level up you will become less likely to fail when crafting because more and more ‘safe’ slots become available to you. When you have successfully crafted an item it is added to your inventory under its appropriate tab (i.e. cheese or traps). CRAFTING SLOTS Crafting slots are what allow you to combine various items. You can combine however many safe items you wish (in whatever quantity you choose) as your level allows. The safe/red slots for each level are as follows: * Novices cannot craft items. * As an Apprentice you have 1 safe slot and 1 red slot – a total of 2. * As a Journeyman you have 2 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 3. Therefore Journeymen can safely make White Cheddar. * As a Master you have 3 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 4. * As a Grandmaster you have 4 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 5. Therefore Grandmasters can safely make Susheese, Glutter & Combat Cheese as well as Rumble Recipe B. As a GM, if you try to make Rumble Recipe A, you WILL lose all your ingredients – this has been verified by one very sad hunter, so don’t try it! * As a Legendary you have 5 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 6. Therefore Legendaries can safely make Rumble Recipe A. * As a Hero you have 6 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 7. * As a Knight you have 7 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 8. WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE THERE & WHERE ARE THEY? You can find the following ingredients in the General Store at the Harbour (Gnawnia): * Curds and Whey (C&W) (cost 8 gold) * Salt (cost 2 gold) You can find the following items in the General Store at the Training Grounds (Furoma): * C&W (cost 10 gold) * Salt (cost 3 gold) * Splintered Wood (Wood) (cost 150 gold) * Nori (cost 5 gold) * Burroughs Salmon (Salmon) (cost 150 gold) You can find the following items in the General Store at the Bazaar (Burroughs). Note that you must have collected a Bazaar ticket in the Training Grounds before you can access this area: * C&W (cost 10 gold) * Salt (cost 2 gold) * Invisi-glu (Glu) (cost 50 gold) * Cheesy Fluffs (Fluffs) (cost 80 gold) * Paint-brand Paint (Paint) (cost 120 gold) * Ionized Salt (cost 450 gold) The following items can only be collected as loot in the Dojo, the Meditation Room and the Pinnacle Chamber in Furoma: * Tokens of the Cheese Claw, Belt and Fang dropped as loot in the Dojo by the Students of the Cheese Claw, Belt and Fang mice respectively. * Master Fang, Claw and Belt Shards dropped as loot in the Meditation Room by the Masters of the Cheese Fang, Claw and Belt mice respectively. * Onyx Stone dropped by the Master of Dojo Mouse in the Pinnacle Chamber. HOW TO CRAFT CHEESE AND OTHER ITEMS Ok, so now that you know what crafting is, how to do it and where to find the necessary ingredients, what can you make? Thanks to the pioneering efforts of some brave and very patient hunters, most of the work has been done for you. Here are the recipes for the cheeses and other items that have so far been discovered: * White Cheddar: Makes 1 - 1 x Curds & Whey (C&W) & 1 x Salt. * Susheese: Makes 3 - 3 x C&W, 3 x Claw Tokens, 1 x Salmon & 1 x Nori. * Glutter: Makes 3 - 7 x C&W, 3 x Belt Tokens, 1 x Fluffs & 1 x Glu. * Combat: Makes 3 - 5 x C&W, 3 x Fang Tokens, 1 x Paint & 1 x Wood. * Rumble A: Makes 3 - NOTE: You need to use SHARDS for this recipe and not Tokens. 20 x C&W, 1 x Ionized Salt, 1 x each of Master Fang, Claw and Belt Shards. * Rumble B: Makes 1 - 20 x C&W, 1 x Master Seal & 1 x Ionized Salt. * Master Seal: Makes 1 - 1 x each of Master Fang, Claw and Belt Shards. [I've separated each recipe and ingredient into it's own post. It's now easier to find -You can access them via the Menu bar on top of this page - Jester]


Tammsla said...

Anyone know anything about the "Hunter's Hammer" I see in my crafting tab? :D

Braylon Brewer said...

The 3-piece rumble recipe information is inaccurate. It is quite possible to craft the 3-piece rumble for a Grandmaster, as I've done it twice. You might fail, but there's by no means a guarantee that you'll fail. If you have a success rate at crafting it that's greater than 33%, then there seems to be no logical reason to craft the Master's Seal version.

Anonymous said...

how do you get tokens?

Anonymous said...

* Ambush Trap (x1)
o 8 Droid Parts
o 5 Splintered Wood
o 3 Rice Paper
o 1 Master’s Seal
+ 1 Master Claw Shard
+ 1 Master Fang Shard
+ 1 Master Belt Shard
o 1 Ambush Trap Blueprints
Correct, the first 3 things can buy. 8 droid parts = 62k just to let you know.
The 3 master shards are dropped by the respective masters in the meditation room. To catch these masters must use specific cheese for each masters. Susheese, Combat, and Glutter.
These special cheese have to be made by the Different tokens dropped by the students and other ingredients.
The Ambush Trap Blueprint is dropped by Assassin and Hapless, latest news I heard is that the Worker Mice also dropped them. I tried so hard at TG and Dojo but the Assassin and Hapless didnt drop the Blueprint. Finally, I tried to go Pinnacle chamber and my setup was FF/Dehyd/SB as I read on the forum this dude tried it based on the luck factor and got it on his first hapless. My first 3 hapless at Pinnacle chamber using ZLM did not work and i switched to the FF and caught the hapless with the blueprint on the first horn.
That should be all =)

this is unverified by me yet but i thought it might be useful

Chereena said...

What cheese works in Pinnacle? I can't catch anything.

Jester Nim said...

@chereena, on the rumble and the maki work at the Pinnacle. You are trying to catch the Master of the Dojo there.

Chereena said...

Thank you!!!

RAMI said...

would some please help me how can i get my 1st hydro trap

Broogle said...

I can confirm what Braylon said. I used Recipe A on my first attempt despite the obvious risk and crafted 3 rumble cheese.

brian said...

@all yea theres no point in using recipe B, unless you are completely scared of losing the pieces. i tried and crafted 5 times in a row, so im keeping recipe A ^^