Cheese Recipe - Shell

SHELL Cheese
This recipe makes 15 pieces of Shell
30 x Seashells - collect from mice in Elub Shore
10 x Coconut Milk - buy from Cape Clawed General Store
60 x Curds and Whey - buy from Cape Clawed, but cheapest at Catacombs General Store
40 x Salt - buy from Cape Clawed, cheapests at Harbour and Bazaar
Total cost: 8,260 - 9,000 gold
Cheese effect: 
A favourite amongst members of the Elub tribe this cheese may leave you wondering if Shelder sell seashells for shell cheese down by the sea shore.
Recommended Use: In Cape Clawed to get Elder mouse with Ancient Spear to craft Ancient Spear Trap and use in Elub Shore to collect blue pepper seeds.

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Anonymous said...

mix with 5 magical essence for 20 pieces, i think the same for all of the seed-collecting isles cheeses