Hunter's Hammer

The King has decreed that all hunters be equipped with the Hunter's Hammer. From the game:
This handy utility-hammer can be used to either carefully dismantle items or simply smash them into parts.
Your Hammer now automatically appears under your Crafting menu in the MouseHunt Game. The Hunter's Hammer now smashes the following items Super Brie+ >> Magic Essence The Obelisk of Slumber >> Obelisk Parts The Obelisk of Incineration >> Obelisk Parts Maki >> Magic Essence Mouse Deathbot >> Deathbot Parts Currently, it is usable on Super Brie+ and the Obelisk of Slumber. But don't smash them up yet! I'll write more about them later..


enrico said...

we have to buy it? where we can find it?

Jester Nim said...

I love u all! Constantly helping me keep this place of a good and meaningful quality..

thanks enrico, now updated the post..

GyurEEE said...

I smashed one piece of super brie, and I got a Magic Essence

Magic Essence ( x1 )
This substance is what gives SUPER|brie+ its magical properties. It can be used in a variety of recipes for unique results.

Anonymous said...

hey...there is a new recipe you guys should look at... its called maki

This carefully prepared bait seems to radiate a magical sparkle that Furoma student mice are almost unable to resist.

(3) Magic Essence + (3) Curds and Whey + (1) Nori = (3) Maki

Philip said...

enrico, your hammer can be found at the crafting page after you buy at least one crafting item.

I think you should buy the salt, cause its cheap and has lots of uses =)

Please also remember that you need to be Apprentice to craft.

Damian said...

You didn't add that the hunter's hammer can smash the high tension spring trap into high tension spring parts used in crafting the Ice Madien trap

OD said...

Hi, um, I am a master and have baught over 282 salt and still do not have a hunters hammer. Please if there is anything you could do to help that would be great.


mutant_chuck said...

so when can i obtain this Hunter's Hammer???

Jester Nim said...

It's in your CRAFTING menu.. Second tab there.