Cheese Recipe - Moon Cheese

MOON CHEESE: This recipe makes 1 piece of Moon Cheese 3 x Curds and Whey 2 x Magic Essence 1 x Meteorite Piece Total cost per piece: Varied dependent on what your SB+ cost you. Cheese effect: One of the inventions the scientists of Digby are most interested in is space probe technology capable of fragmenting a small portion of the moon's surface to harvest small quantities of lunar cheese. Unfortunately the cost of launching the probes paired with their ability to only harvest a small quantity at a time means collecting this cheese is extremely expensive. Researching this cheese has proved quite dangerous during experiments in the Mousoleum as scientists seem to frequently become victims of Lycan attacks. Jester: Yes, folks, Moon Cheese can now be crafted. Read about the Moon Cheese history here.


Anwar Affandi said...

You can get Moon Cheese from unstable curd: 1 curd & whey, 1 Ionized Salt, 1 Onyx Stone. poke a unstable curd you will get about 15% Moon Cheese.

Shinayd van Rooy said...

Has anyone ever used moon cheese to cure a dry socket or any other physical ailment?
(Curious Cat)