Obelisk of Slumber

Aside from the guy jokes about the Obelisk of Slumber, you gotta admit that it looks cool..

Our first Arcane Trap sold at the Catacombs. Sets you back about 300k in gold.

Seen here with my favorite Polar Base and Radioactive Blue

The verdict's still out if the nickname should be Slum, Obes, OoS, or pointy thingy..

Configuration seen here:
  • Total Power: 2,530
  • Power Bonus: 10%
  • Attraction Bonus: 10%
  • Total Luck: 4
  • Current Bait: 14 pieces of Radioactive Blue
  • Cheese Effect: Über Fresh
And of course there will be a bunch of us who are too keen on swinging that hunter's hammer around, and would probably regret busting their Slumber too early. Now there's a way to get it back:

1 x Oblisk Parts
1 x Bead of Slumber
Description: This trap is available for purchase in the Catacombs Trapsmith but if you accidently smash your trap with your crafting hammer only to realise that you don't as yet have all the ingredients needed to craft your Oblisk of Incineration, you can now re-craft the OoS :)
mhabbr : oos


frederik95 said...

how much does it cost
and wer do u get it

Ewan said...

what are the stats?

Jester Nim said...

more info now added..

ishaan said...

u gt it frm catacombs for 300k
its gud and DONT craft Ooi its waste

Raskyl said...

They changed it.. its only 10% attraction and 0 power now