Trap Recipe - ACRoNYM

This recipe makes 1 x Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery Trap (the ACRoNYM)
12 x Scrap Metal
1 x Onyx Stone
3 x Magic Essence (obtained by using your hammer on a piece of SB+ or a piece of Maki cheese)
1 x Obelisk Parts (obtained by using your hammer on your Oblisk of Slumber or Oblisk of Incineration trap - you must first rearm with another trap before attempting to smash your current one)
1 x Mysterious Blueprints
3800 Power
Power Type: Arcane
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 18
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale

This highly unstable trap setup is held in a constant state of metamorphosis by the unpredictable power of the Onyx stone. This trap almost appears alive, growing metal roots into whatever base to which it is attached.
This trap's methods of capture are infinitely random. It can use its jagged metallic roots to impale mice, expel a thick and dark vapor that turns mice into stone, or bend space and time to erase the mouse from existence.
Scientists of Digby warn hunters that the power of the Onyx stone is incredibly dangerous and fear that using this trap could lead to the end of the world.

mhabbr : acro, acronym


Alisha said...

Yay- now I have use for all the freaking scrap metal I've been collecting. I know a lot of people have complained about the lack of scrap metal being dropped so I don't know if they upped the drop rate but I have been getting it up the yin-yang! I was wondering what I would do with that.

I also had just enough [within 10K] to buy the blueprints. =D

Jester Nim said...

Don't I know it.. I simply didn't get any Scrap Metal for one whole week. But now it's coming along. I should own this trap myself werry werry soon.. :)

sXydeViL said...

i heard this trap is only effective with a Hero and above title

is that true?

can anyone help?

Alisha said...

I crafted it as a Legendary and equipped it just fine.

I haven't seemed to have much more luck with the ACRoNYM trap than the OoS. I have had two bites from Monster mice in the last day and STILL haven't been able to catch it! UGH! It's one of the only mice I am still missing.

Anonymous said...

Alisha, I followed the tip of using the Digby Drillbot with RBC in the lab and have caught 3 monster mice so far

Jester Nim said...

YES! Just made my ACRoNYM.. Not too impressed by the catches so far though..

Al D said...

My first setup with this trap using the polar base was not so great. I switched to the dehydration base and I am noticing more frequent catches.

Still, I go into a slump in the afternoon where I don't get any catches for like 2 hours, but with the polar base it was more like 3-4 hours of no catches.

Griffin said...

Tried to craft and this is what happened to me:

Unable to craft item.
You are attempting to craft a trap component that you do not meet the points requirement for.
You require 3,393,600 points to craft this component.

If you don't have the points, don't bother. It is a bit silly to me if you're not able to craft an item if you have all the components required.

DvE said...

My Acronym trap has been doing very well for me, both in the catacombs and the acolyte realm:

Catacombs: 2 Mummy, 4 Zombie, 1 Keeper's Assistant, 5 Spider, 1 Skeleton, 1 Ghost, 2 Ooze, 1 Scavenger
Acolyte Realm: 2 Spectre, 1 Gate Guardian
Total catches: 20
Average weight: 5 oz.

Radioactive Blue:
Attracted a mouse 19 times out of 21 hunts.
19 were eaten, 2 went stale and 0 were stolen.
Attracted a mouse 6 times out of 6 hunts.
6 were eaten, 0 went stale and 0 were stolen.

Lord said...
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Wang Jiaxin said...

Hi, I caught 4 monsters so far using digby drillbot at Lab with RBC!! I using dehydration base!!Im only master!! Currently Im staling radioactive blue cheese to make limelight! I got a nibble from a BBB but failed to catch it! -_-"

Here's my profile!!
Add me as friend if u want!!

Daniel said...

Ihave everything needed to make this trap but i just shot 120k points!!!@@@ Expecting to get this trap very soon.

Sasidharan Chandrasekar said...

Well I have 1 Million Points More And i Am nearing A hero But I am Short OF Gold ..As i Got The LE 2012 BBT for 600 K and i have some gold now Saved for Ronza so i cant yet Craft it for Another 5 months :( Gold is A big prob ..

Neil Martin Ciar said...

I crafted the acronym. Finally! I thought the trap's effectiveness is supposed to be strong but mine is just medium.