Ship Recipe for Hero Rank and Above

SHIP (for Hero and above)
This recipe makes 1 Complete Ship 
100 x Rope
Total Cost: 480,000 - 1,365,000 (yup, buying the blueprints sets you back 750k gold)
If you are Hero and above in Hunter's Rank, this recipe is safe for you. Otherwise, use the Ship Recipe for Legendary ranks.
Either way, you are now ready to enter Rodentia's SS Huntington II.
Now where's that extra Bubbleh..


Jeff said...

Don't forget - just buying the ship isn't enough. Once you have the ship, then there are new "toys" to buy as well. The Trap is 664,000 and the base is 124,900.

Yes, two million gold (plus change) gets you STARTED in the new area...

gabe said...

I just bought it and have had plenty of sucess w/ the partybot ( about 6 % less on the 2 harder hydros but equal on everything else and much better on the tactical mice there :D)

killerwolf said...

wait... so ship recipe for legendary rank is cheaper?As it only needs the ship and bubbleh,ship for hero rank needs other ingredeints

Kit Ming said...

WTH If need pay so much by the time i go thr i will be hero or lord ah i just gone bankrupt freom buying superbrie at marketplace