Crafting Item - Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness

Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness

Ronza's Back! And first, something special just for MouseHunt veterans. With this Mohawk, you can brush up your dusty HitGrab Horsey. It works out slightly cheaper than HitGrab Rockin' Horse but it looks much much better. Otherwise, the specifications are the same.

Cost: 60,000 gold
Woah! This bright mohawk guarantees to make any mouse hunting experience more extreme!

If you are the proud owner of the original HitGrab Horsey that does not have a mohawk and want to turn it up to eleven follow these three steps:

1. Carefully dismantle your beloved HitGrab Horsey
2. Glue this totally amazing wig onto its head
3. Play air guitar while hunting to catch mice in true rocker-fashion!

Translated: SMASH your HitGrab Horsey. Craft the Trap Parts with the Mohawk and a drop of Invisi-Glu and there you have it!

HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse

Compare it with HitGrab Rockin' Horse and shout it here if you like it colorful..


Anonymous said...

I have the HitGrab Horsey will it work on that?

Anonymous said...

^Lern too reed bettar.