Jungle of Dread, Tribal Isles

By the time you reach the Jungle of Dread, you would undoubtedly have attained the rank of Hero.

Not to mention rank with the smell of pepper and cheese. Poo..

You would now begin using all the strange concoctions of the Havarti Cheese that you have newly crafted. And have to own a Shadow trap that you had to sell your shirt and shoes to own.. But can you catch those elusive mice within the first batch?

You'd have to persevere though, for these mice certainly hold the secret parts of making the Acolyte-strength trap to make your journey back to the Realms a better reality..

Named by the tribes, this dangerous jungle is home to some of the most terrifying mice ever discovered. Long ago the leaders of the tribes discovered a spicy cheese made with peppers capable of distracting the mighty beasts of the jungle. This peppered bait may be the key to luring these mice to a trap...
And just when you thought you're done after crafting the Ancient Box Trap, you'd find that you have to get back here to find more Fire Salts, the key ingredient for the Inferno Havarti..

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