HitGrab Rockin' Horse

HitGrab Rockin' Horse ( 1,250 Physical Power )

It's as lucky as the Party Bot but only half as powerful (too bad newcomers). But hey, it's still a great trap for novices and apprentices.

Senior hunters would also not mind collecting this as a Limited Edition keepsake. Who knows, it might gain a second life the next time Ronza comes around again - Just look at the HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse.

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 2%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Ready to rock the moment it emerges from the King's closet, this rebel hobby horse refuses to play by anyone's hunting rules but its own!

Has anyone tried smashing this for the Rainbow yet?
And oh, it's "rockin" not because it's a rocking horse (which it obviously isn't), but to commemorate the Rockstar Mouse.
mhabbr: hgrh

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Brianna said...

You can't smash the rockin' horsey because the rainbow mohawk is ONLY for the original horsey that didn't come with a mohawk.