Kraken Chaos

Kraken Chaos ( 3,400 Hydro Power )

The final trap that Ronza has brought around in this trip. Great for calamari fans who love playing with their food and making them work too.

It's a decent trap for those that just reached the Huntington II ship and just about saved up for the Hydro Trap. Otherwise we all do have a lot of gold sitting around, don't we?

Remember that you will still need to buy the starter hydro traps to form the Ancient Spear Gun. And if you already own the ASG, there is no advantage gained with this trap.

Ok, you have 2 weeks to earn this Limited Value Edition trap.

Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 18
Cheese Effect: Very Stale

Cost: 860,000 gold
Points Required: 843,500
Refund for 154,800 gold

This trap offers mice the thrill of the open ocean, with a great piece of cheese and the wind blowing through their fur... of course, they'll also have a giant, grabby squid to keep them company. With eight arms and two tentacles contending for the catch, this trap just has to get the mouse one way or the other. It's also a favorite of humane hunters, as the squid much prefers to eat fish.

Now I'm hungry...
By the way, has anyone yet dared to spend money on this trap, to hunt Hydras at the Lagoon to "save money" on the Ship Blueprints? If it works well, this trap could well be the game-breaker for Hydro Traps, much like the PartyBot is for Physical Traps.. Let me know here!


Lee said...

i caught 3 rockstar in a row with kraken + magma

Jester Nim said...

At the Ship? Sweet!

Cedar Breaks Farmer said...

Yes! It works great. I already had a hydro trap but my daughter didn't so I advised her to get it. She's caught several hydras with blueprints and loot with the Kraken. I've never caught one even with the harpoon.

Santi said...

I did it!

I took my chances and bought this trap, also bought magma.

I went to lagoon and after one or two hours... I caught some hydras with blueprints and some loot...

It was absolutely a great purchase

KHIM said...

I dont know if I should get this..still thinking because I already caught my Hydra mouse with blueprint with Hitgrab Rocking Horsey..

Hey said...

1st Hydra I caught with KC & M base was a win for the blueprints. It was my 6th Hydra caught overall. I can't help but give credence to the luck boosting the loot.

Anonymous said...

I caught a hydra on my first try with Mutated Venus and dehydration base :O