Ronza's finally coming back

For those of you that have permanent cricks in the neck from looking up at the sky for the past half year, REJOICE!

Ronza's returning tomorrow!
(well, ok adjust for your time zone).

And this time, you really don't have to rush much. She's dropping (geo-friendly) flyers that she'd be around for a couple of WEEKS. Yup, and she's stocking lots of stuff.

Have a look at The Flyer and you'd know what I mean.

There's also a hint that the iTunes mouse is returning as the Rockstar! Hope I get mine when Ronza's around.


Daisy Jia said...

Too bad. I don't need any of her traps. Ancient spear gun is still better than the kraken. The base and the rainbow mohawk was a nice surprise though.

Greg Cronin said...

Any chance someone might post a list of what's available from Ronza? I haven't made it there yet... but I'd love to know what's there before I pay the money to travel.