Giant Speaker

Giant Speaker ( 2,850 Tactical Power )

Interesting trap that Ronza brought about. And with this shipment, a whole lot of RockStar mice also came along and infested many locations in Gnawnia.

Apart from the Limited Edition status, discussion board opinions are mixed about the worth of getting this trap.

Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 22
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Cost: 612,800 gold
Points Required: 91,000
Refund for 110,304 gold

This trap is guaranteed to harsh any rocker's mellow. The minute a mouse comes into the range of the ring of microphones, the slightest noise is amplified a billion times, rocketing them across the room on a wave of sound. Collecting mice is a cinch when they're disoriented and temporarily hard of hearing.

Has anyone caught Rockstars with this trap?


Greg Cronin said...

I've caught 7 Rockstar Mice with Giant Speaker/Dehy (Rockforth cheese obviously)

Jester Nim said...

@greg - sweet!