The Pepper Trail, Tribal Isles Walkthrough

The Pepper Trail is an expanded post from the Tribal Isles Walkthrough.

It gets rather confusing when you're trying to remember all that needs to be done to make the different Havari cheese strains.

Rather than describe all the 7 cheeses, we'll do "a picture painting a thousand words". I've drawn up a flow diagram that should simplify what needs to be done at this stage of this.

Click on the diagram to get a big picture.

The Pepper Trail cycle progresses from the Elub Shore (Blue Seeds), Nerg Plains (Yellow Seeds) and Derr Dunes (Red Seeds).

With any 2 seeds (different or same color) and a Plant Pot, you can make a Pepper plant of the respective color combination. Use one of each colored seed with the Plant Pot and you'd get the Inferno Plant.

Go to the Crafting/Inventory/Misc section and the Pepper Plants will be there. Click on them to pick them and you'd get 1 or more respectively colored Peppers.

You're now ready to make the Havarti, except that each Peppered Flavor has a slightly different recipe.
I've described this in the Havarti Hero post.

The Inferno Havarti, you would have to wait a little longer until you earn the Fire Salts..

Be prepared to do the Pepper Trail more than a couple of rounds - while you can catch each Havarti mouse about once in every batch (6 cheeses), it is unlikely that they will always drop the crafting piece needed to make the Ancient Box Trap. More about this in the Havarti Heros cycle coming right up..


Nik Abd Aziz said...
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Nik Abd Aziz said...

how to get the seeds ?

ztirf03 said...

if we pick a pepper from the plants, does the plant dissappear?