Tribal Isles Walkthrough

You've reached the Tribal Isles after jumping off the Huntington II. So what now?

Ok, this is more like the Tribal Isles Run-Through, rather than a walkthough. It's going to be short, sweet and fast. I'll tell it first and then fix all the links a little later.

The Tribal Isles is a region with six areas having tasks and devices designed in somewhat cyclic steps. This ensures that the more experienced players have a fair bit of action and take a whole bunch of time. And we'll all get spanking new traps out of it.

Cape Clawed is the Home Base which you'd find yourself returning to often. To buy more Gouda, buy the new trap (Clockapult) and trap base (Tribal Base), the various other general store ingredients, catch the tribe elders (for the trap upgrade ingredients), and yes, buy much much more Gouda Cheese.

Trap Upgrading
Elub Shore, Nerg Plains and Derr Dunes are your first cyclic sets where you get the 3 new crafted cheeses. With these, you get to hunt the respective elders for their loot for the 3 new crafted traps. You'd get the Ancient Spear Trap (Hydro), Mutated/Horrific Venus Mousetrap (Tactical) and RhinoBot (Physical) through this ordeal.

The Pepper Trail
This is the second cyclic set where you are collecting Pepper Seeds, planting them to grow Pepper Plants, harvesting them to get the actual Peppers, and finally using the Peppers to make the 6 main types of Havarti Cheese. The Pepper Trail post describes this is greater detail.

The Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
The third cyclic set is only forms the blueprint of the Ancient Box Trap. This runs concurrently with the Seed stage of the Pepper Trail. You need to loot the 3 parts of the blueprints and buy the 4th. Simple..

The Havarti Hero
The fourth cyclic set brings you into the Jungle of Dread with the 6 types of Havarti Cheese. That's 6 shadow mice with 6 pieces of loot that finally helps you complete the new Forgotten Trap, The Ancient Box Trap.

Back to the Acolyte Realms
At this point, we take a short break from the Tribal Isles. Head back to the Acolyte Realms to get your new er.. Ancient Box Trap dirty.

The Dracano Knight
Sure, you're probably already a Knight by now. But this place works better with the Ice Maiden Trap that you craft after picking up some crucial (and cute) stuff at the Acolyte Realms. More updates coming...


JohnW said...

You also collect Fire Salt during the 4th cyclic set, this is used to make Inferno Havarti which is created with Inferno Peppers from the Inferno Pepper Plant, which in turn are made using 1 each of the Red, Yellow & Blue Pepper Seeds - so be warned if you've only just got here there's lots and lots of collecting required.

Andrew said...

Ok I know this sound really newbie but where do you get the actually seeds? From the elders?