Ronza's Rockin' Return, Walkthrough

A quick walkthrough / cheatsheet about Ronza's Rockin' Return.

Where she's moored..
Gnawnia, just outside of town, south of the Harbour.

How to get there..
Cheapest way from wherever you are? Stopover at the Town of Gnawnia FIRST. Then travel to Ronza's Travelling Shoppe. (895 gold)
Well, OK, if you're already at the Harbour, just hop directly over. (675 gold)

When does she leave?
About two weeks from 20th Oct 2009.

Things to Buy..

Things to Do There..
  • Get Rockforth Cheese (hunt Gold, Diamond and Nibbler mice) 
  • Get Teddy Bear (hunt White mice) 

Things to Do From There..
Hunt down the Rockstar Mouse.

We now return you to your regular programming...

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