Catacombs and the Price of Super Brie+

Strange that for the past half day, my Oos/Polar/Radioactive Blue had failed to even attract any mice. We must have blitzed the mice out of the Catacombs for this period.. Anyway, I've retreated/tactically moved myself back to the Lab to reload on the Good Potions (or the Greater Potions). I think the Corrupted Potions are fine as a gap filler, but probably I'd won't use it unless really in a pinch. But this sets me thinking. Even before the Catacombs, the price of Super Brie+ has been in the high 800 - 1000 gpp. Now with the new Forgotten mice; with the lowest bounty being the Spider-Mouse (~3500g) and the highest being the Ooze-Mouse (~5500g), it looks like the trading price of SB+ will never drop again. The catch rate of all these mice are rather decent, especially with the strongest arcane combination above. In terms of returns, I've made back the cost of the Slumber within a week in the Catacombs. That's WITH all the red boxes. Putting it in another way, you could own a Bottomless Grave in slightly over two weeks. This means that Legendaries and above are typically going to control the (high) price of SB+. This also means that the MH Support Groups out there who are trying to manage the SuperBrie price for the newer players are going to have their hands really full.. Do share your comments here. For those that are lost in the relationship - it's currently more cost-effective to imbue SB+ into Radioactive Blue with the potions. Using potions to convert normal brie is alright, but it also incurs a cost per piece. SB+ also gives a fabulous boost to the attract (?) rate of many kinds of mice. Of course, you could just make a donation and get Super Brie directly.


Sensi Starr said...

I don't think "new" players need SB+, it's not required in the game at all, kind of a waste if you ask me.

Juston Dean said...

Actually for the past few months it's been more cost effective to imbue Brie with potions to create Radioactive Blue. I was going to use SuperBrie but with the price at 800-1000pp I could make it cheaper with Brie; around 629pp INCLUDING travel cost. This means that to imbue 30 SuperBrie without traveling cost 27,000 gold, while imbuing 30 Brie with traveling back to the Town of Gnawnia only cost 18,873 gold. This of course required 6 times as many potions, but I had an excess of potions compared to gold.

To Sensi Starr..."new" is a relative term, but I think no player really needs SuperBrie. I agree it is a big waste of real money.

starfish said...


not sure if u can see it..
or try

Cupid Mouse

Hunters’ Lore (All Regions)
Power Type: Physical
Population: Dwindling
Catches: 18,539
Average Weight: 4 oz.
Heaviest Catch: n/a

Hunters’ Lore (Burroughs)
Population: Dwindling
Catches: 9,220
Average Weight: 4 oz.
Heaviest Catch: n/a

Love is in the air, and so is this mouse! Firing their heart-tipped arrows, these mice are responsible for a slight increase in the mouse population during February. Hunters who get caught in the crossfire may have second thoughts about using their deadly traps on the little mice. Hey, even Zombie mice deserve some love!

This mouse is available around Valentine's Day.

starfish said...

the catch came as a SURPRISE!

I sounded the Hunter’s Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 5 oz. Cupid mouse from the Laboratory worth 871 points and 905 gold.

Alisha said...

I tend to agree with Juston, but the availability [or lack thereof] of the potions has gotten ridiculous. Half a day in the lab and no potions.

Jester Nim said...

thanks for the info.. the cupid now has it's own page. cheers,

Jester Nim said...

Yay! I've gained about 7 normal potions in half a day. DDB/Polar/swiss cheese.