Coming With The Catacombs

Looks like we can expect a couple of new things coming for the Catacombs.. A new Arcane-type trap, stronger Shadow mice and Forgotten mice. If you have money to buy a Bottomless Grave, maybe you'd want to hold off a little while first. Let's see what opens up this Wed, when we get back our new maps.
Traps utilizing arcane damage come from sources shrouded in mystery. The strength of arcane damage increases proportionally against stronger shadow and forgotten mice, making the traps especially effective in the Catacombs.


Jason V said...

I see the new trap type listed from the Bazaar listing, but I dont' see it for sale in Digby. What do you make of that? Still coming?

Jester Nim said...

The new trap should only be at the Trapsmith of the new Area.. I think the devs are still tweaking the game..

But anytime now.. :)