Crafting Item - Stale Cheese

ITEM: Stale Cheese LOCATION: Anywhere COST: When a piece of cheese goes stale - it will be added to your inventory (only available at apprentice level and above) DESCRIPTION: Dried up morsels of cheese are often the result of traps made with harmful chemicals.
Currently it is the ingredient for the Ancient Cheese, which are highly favored by the mice at Bristle Woods. You might have to take aside some time to farm Stale Cheese.
Follow the link to get a tip on Farming Stale Cheese


Derek Lee said...

i am journeyman at the mountains and i got a piece of stale cheese out of nowhere, my log doesnt say when i got it o.O

Jeffrey said...

Not anymore. Now you get stale cheese added to your crafting inventory from when your hunting cheese goes stale. No more will be dropped as loot.

Jester Nim said...

yeah guys, latest changes to the game... now reflected on the post. Enjoy

Ghost Riderz said...

I just became an apprentice and now im hunting in the harbour.
I dont find any stale cheese even when my bait has staled and replaced..why is that so?
I cant fin any stale cheese in my crafting or cheese inventory tab..

Bugra said...

while u are hunting as usual, sometimes it says, I changed my bait since it seems stale. it goes to your crafting tab. you can see it in your ingredients (it becomes ingredient)

madagni said...

i am a master and i need radioactive sludge but my cheese does not go stale so i have only 1 but i need more
so plz tell me how to make my cheese go stale

Laurence.w7 said...

Use traps and bases with have a base effect as stale
eg. Explosive Base With Mouse Rocketine