Crafting Item - Obelisk Parts

ITEM: Obelisk Parts LOCATION: Use your Hunter's Hammer on your Obelisk of Slumber Trap (buy at Catacombs General Store for 316,350 gold) or your Obelisk of Incineration COST: 316,350 (wave goodbye to your OoS/OoI) DESCRIPTION: Obelisk Parts [If you did an Oops and wish to rebuild your OoS, it is now possible to craft it back.]


Tony Chang said...

O hell no! There better be a cheaper way of getting Obelisk Parts. I am NOT going to destroy a 316k Slumber for the marginal improvement the Incinerator provides.

Jester Nim said...

Personally, I've skipped the Incinerator and headed straight for the Acronym.