Crafting Item - Bead of Slumber

ITEM: Bead of Slumber LOCATION: Catacombs General Store COST: 2,000 gold - refunds for 2,000 DESCRIPTION: The tiring effects of this tiny magical bead can be combined with Obelisk Parts make the Obelisk of Slumber trap. King's Warning: Staring directly into a bead may cause drowsiness; Do not operate heavy machinery.


Anwar Affandi said...

Crafting "Deep Freeze Base" for catching DEEP MOUSE
Receipt crafting:
1 - Bead of Slumber
1 - Deep Freeze Base Blueprints
1 - Steam Nine
6 - Bottled Cold Fusion
6 - Tiny Platinum Bar
18 - Frosty Metal
20 - Wire Spool
22 - Stale SUPER|Brie+
32 - Living Shard

Anwar Affandi said...
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