A Goblet of Mead

No, no, not another new crafting item in the ever growing world of Mousehunt.. Just needed a good drink after all the new stuff that has been appearing over the past week. Who knows? This might become an important ingredient someday to catch a Tavern Mouse... [sips] Are you feeling lost already? Lemme know what else I can write about, to make it a little easier for you. [slurps] The ACRoNYM is nice, rounding out the Arcane suite of Traps. You should aim towards building one for yourself - like a badge of honor thing.. :) [chugs] I think the biggest change in the game is that you no longer lose your Stales. Cheese that have been left too long on traps and turn stale, now have a place in your Crafting belt. Well, 3 types of stale cheese for now (normal stale cheese, stale SB and Radioactive Sludge). We're promised of new features with these soon - I can't wait already... [swallows] But you know, this effectively changes the game dynamics of the Trap+Boards a fair bit. The Cheese effect on boards now plays a much lower role now, since you don't really "waste" your cheese as much now. As a new player, I'd bravely continue using the Explosive Base for the added power and bonus until I get better traps. As a senior hunter, I might just crack out the Target board again for the added Attraction. [empties] Well, food for thought and good night for now..

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