Crafting Item - Mysterious Blueprints

ITEM: Mysterious Blueprints LOCATION: Catacombs General Store COST: 632,700 gold - refunds for 632,700 DESCRIPTION: These blueprints outline how to harness the power of the Onyx stone into an arcane obelisk of incredible power. This unstable rod uses magic essence to bring to life a dozen scraps of metal, forming roots that attach itself to any base. Take caution when choosing to construct this trap. Some fear that the power of the Onyx stone is too great to be meddled with! The scientists of Digby are on a personal mission to burn these blueprints in an effort to protect humanity. See the ACRoNYM.


DtheDragon said...

does this work with shadow mice as well or just the arcane mouse?

wathetimbo said...

It works well against almost all mice :)