Abbreviations in MouseHunt

Where the number of fans grow in any game, favorite nicknames and abbreviations are sure to develop. So that newer players are never left behind, this post attempts to list all the affectionate terms that have developed over the months. Drop me a comment here if I've missed any. (I'll add it with thanks, but please don't be offended if I remove the actual comment) Amb - Ambrosial Portal Ambush - Ambush Trap Arctic Pack - Snow Barrage plus Polar Base BG - Bottomless Grave Cat - Catacombs C&W - Curds and Whey DDB - Digby Drillbot DB - Deathbot Dehy - Dehydration Base Exp - Explosive Base FF - NVRMC Force Field Trap Mojo - Master of the Dojo Mos/Moz - Mousoleum OoI - Obelisk of Incineration OoS - Obelisk of Slumber RB - Radioactive Blue Cheese SB+ - Super Brie+ Snob - Snow Barrage Trap Swiss - Swiss Army Trap / Swiss Cheese Sin - Sinister Portal Tar/Tgt - Wooden Base with Target Treb - Mouse Trebuchet ZLM - Zugzwang's Last Move Others: When describing the trap combination that you used to catch that elusive mouse, we normally use the form: trap/base/cheese. e.g. Snob/Polar/Swiss for Snow Barrage on Polar Base with Swiss Cheese If you have been alternating between items, just use a "+" to indicate that. e.g. Ambush/Polar+Dehy/Swiss+Brie


ownage said...

U left out all the mice

Black Widow
Abominable Snow

Faith said...

I'm actually seeing the abbreviation OoS used more often than Slum for the obelisk of slumber.. but maybe that's just me.

Jester Nim said...

good point, faith..
And thanks ownage..
leaving these comments here, so that i'd remember to come back to them..

Peter said...

What about CDB Chrome DeathBot (aka Deathbot (Chrome Edition))

MousehuntGuide said...

and don't forget our faithful Ernie : enraged rhinobot :)